7 New England Craft Beers You Have to Try ...


My quest to stock the bar at my upcoming wedding with things I'd like to drink has led to me trying a lot of New England craft beers. See, I don't drink a lot and I hate beer, so I wanted to try something other than the typical beers – Bud, Heineken, Corona, things like that. Craft beers have become something of a culture, something to drink for pleasure rather than a buzz, and I decided to give them a try. What I've found has surprised me, and if you're not familiar with craft brews in general and New England craft beers in particular, here are some that really appealed to me.

1. Old Thumper by Shipyard Brewing Company

Old Thumper by Shipyard Brewing Company

Portland, Maine's Shipyard Brewing Company is amazing. They're known for producing some of the tastiest, most thoughtful New England craft beers ever tasted, and they've got a great blueberry brew. However, I'm all about Old Thumper, a bitter, pale English ale. The beer originated in England, and while bitter, the malt mixes in with fruity notes, so the overall taste has some muscle behind it.

Grey Lady Ale by Cisco Brewers
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