13 New Food Trends for 2013 ...


The year 2013 is all about new food trends and new trends in health in general. The idea of eating more vegetables and going gluten-free is now surpassed by ideas that are far more exotic and expand upon the simplistic ideas of years past, such as eating whole grains, vegetables and protein at every meal. In a world where trends set the tone from everything to clothes, hairstyles, diets, to nail color polish in a womanโ€™s life, why not follow a few healthy food trends as well. Read up on these new food trends so you can be in the loop about what to put on your plate.

1. Ancient Gluten-Free Grains

While weโ€™ve been used to the idea of going gluten-free for awhile by substituting brown rice and quinoa for other gluten-grains, it is now time to turn our attention to new food trends in the grains department. Quinoa is still pretty popular due to the fact it is actually a grain-free seed that cooks like a grain. It is also rich in amino acids and protein, along with magnesium and fiber. Quinoa isnโ€™t the only grain-free seed that cooks like a grain though, and food trends are turning towards others such as amaranth, chia seeds, buckwheat and millet. Amaranth also cooks like a grain and is rich in vitamins and minerals along with protein and fiber. Other popular grains popping up in the gluten-free world are teff and sorghum. Enhance your menu with some of these new gluten-free ancient foods which are extremely healthy for you and contain absolutely zero gluten. With allergens and celiac disease on the rise, more and more people are discovering how gluten is negatively impacting their health. While you may not be allergic yourself, thereโ€™s no reason to give all the wonderful gluten-free options a try, which are much higher in nutrients than gluten containing ones.

More than Coconut Oil
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