Oh, Greek Yogurt 🥛 – How Many 🤗 Ways I Love ❤️ You ...


Ladies, if you haven’t already heard, standard yogurt is out, it’s all the way out. In fact, I’m sorry for even mentioning its name here in this article! It’s 2018 dammit, and the only way to go is the pure, silky smooth goodness that is Greek yogurt! Greek yogurt has been creeping up the popularity charts for some time now, so much so that I really think it has probably overtaken other forms of yogurt to be the nation’s most popular choice. We all know that yogurt (not the fruity kind full of sugar) is good for you but the benefits of Greek yogurt outweigh regular yogurt. Let’s take some time to appreciate and bask in the glory of this nectar of the gods. Oh, Greek yogurt, how many ways I love you!

1. 0% Fat

Literally, zero. per. cent. fat! I challenge you to find a food product that tastes this good and has literally no fat content in it. It’s almost too good to true. It somebody playing a trick on us?

Sour Cream Alternative
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