Only Hungry Girls Suffer during These 11 Situations ...


Only Hungry Girls Suffer during These 11 Situations ...
Only Hungry Girls Suffer during These 11 Situations ...

I am always hungry. Always. Even when I'm currently eating, I'm hungry. If you're a hungry girl too, chances are, you've suffered in these situations, too.

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Long Wedding Ceremonies

Seriously, let's get to the "I do" and "you may kiss the bride" so we can all get to the reception and hors-d'oeuvres, okay?


Lunch Meetings

What monster schedules a work meeting in the middle of lunch?


First Dates

You don't want to wolf your meal. He's really interesting. But that plate of pasta in front of you is a major distraction.


Training for a Race

As if my normal level of hungry wasn't enough, when I'm training for a long-distance race, the hungry sneaks up on me mid-run and those stupid gummy bears I've got in my stupid belt aren't going to help.


Family BBQ

No, I don't want to pose for another photo with my cousins. I want some of Aunt Susie's potato salad, dammit!


Sporting Events

Why is a hotdog, chips, and a plastic cup of Bud Light so expensive? I'll gladly root for the home team if you get me something a little more substantial than some peanuts and Cracker Jack.


Cocktail Parties

Sure, yeah, grown-up drinks are fun, by why can't we also have some real food? The celery stick in my Bloody Mary doesn't count, but it's a start.


Baby Shower

Why do we have to wait til AFTER the games to eat our lunch? I don't want to guess how big your belly is or how much the baby will weigh. I want food, stat. Don't you?


Holiday Meals

You told me dinner was at four. It is now 6 o'clock, the turkey is still in the oven, and Uncle Tom is now ridiculously drunk, singing the praises of Donald Trump.


Medical Tests

I don't understand why I have to fast for half a day before most medical tests, but I'm pretty sure it's just because secretly my lab tech hates me.


Grocery Shopping

I am almost never hungrier than when I'm pushing my shopping cart through the aisles. Thank God for those sweet old ladies with the samples. They are true granola-sample bearing saints.

Okay, my fellow hungry girls - what other situations end in tummy torture for you?

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I starve whenever im shy 😳

Same. When I'm nervous I'll eat anything I can get!

Whenever I'm nervous I can't eat at all.

I starve whenever I'm nervous

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