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Eat oysters for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you want to. Oysters are the food of celebration and are great for parties. Many imagine there’s only one way to eat oysters and the thought of the raw shellfish puts a lot of people off trying this delicious food. You can eat oysters many different ways such as raw, cooked, as a tasty snack or as part of a main meal. Oysters are in fact a very popular food and are served in a huge variety of restaurants. Below I have listed the 10 Outstanding Places to Eat Oysters In America:

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Meritage – St Paul

The Meritage serves a large variety of fresh oysters. Even though the Meritage restaurant is located inland it doesn't affect the freshness of the oysters, deliveries of fresh oysters to the restaurant are made daily via couriers to ensure high quality fresh ready to eat oysters. The staff at the restaurant is trained to a very high standard and know a lot about oysters. Enjoy fresh seafood in an interesting art nouveau building.


Island Creek Oyster Bar – Boston

The Island Creek Oyster Bar is a traditional farm to table type restaurant. The restaurant doesn't offer a huge variety of oysters but they are all individually chosen by the farmer and are of very high quality to ensure satisfaction. The house special is an oyster slider – fried oyster on a brioche bun.


Maison Première – Brooklyn, New York

With the Maison Première restaurant you will be spoilt for choice when you eat oysters as there are nearly two dozen varieties to choose from. The old fashioned restaurant is tastefully decorated with wooden stools and a marble bar to present a traditional oyster house theme.


The Walrus and the Carpenter – Seattle

The Walrus and the Carpenter is a specialised restaurant focussing on Washington state food such as pacific oysters which have a sweeter taste than the Atlantic oysters. The petite restaurant offers exceptionally high quality food with a unique taste.


Bowens Island Restaurant – Charleston

The Bowens Island Restaurant is like no other; situated in a retro graffiti covered shack, the restaurant provides a unique experience with an extensive selection of oysters. Oyster roasts traditionally served on newspapers is a customer favourite at the restaurant. The Bowens Island Restaurant is a down and dirty establishment to indulge in and eat oysters.


Matunuck Oyster Bar – East Matunuck

The Matunuck Oyster Bar located next to the owner’s farm serves a variety of fresh ready to eat oysters. The immediate proximity of the farm to the restaurant means you can see where your food is coming from and you can check the quality and standard before placing your order.


Hog Island Oyster Co. Marshall, California

The very popular restaurant Hog Island Oyster Co recommends booking a reservation before dining to prevent delay and disappointment. The casual restaurant provides a relaxed atmosphere with a beautiful setting.


Brasserie 19 – Houston

The Brasserie 19 restaurant serves bigger, meatier and tastier oysters than any restaurant located on the East Coast. The luxurious setting helps you unwind and relax while you watch the shuckers at work. The Brasserie 19 restaurant is a great place to socialise, indulge and eat oysters.


Shaw's Crab House – Chicago

Shaw's Crab House not only serves crabs but a wide range of oysters too. The restaurant provides an extensive menu offering 15 to 20 different varieties of oysters. The old fashioned restaurant takes you back in time with a 30's or 40's themed tiled dining room. The shuckers are raised and on display to choose the oyster you would like.


Acme Oyster House – New Orleans

The friendly popular restaurant Acme Oyster House is a must if you are an oyster lover. Regulars of the restaurant visit not only to indulge in a exquisite meal but to also visit the friendly staff and fellow customers of the restaurant.

All of the restaurants listed above are highly recommended and have great reviews. Whether you like a relaxed luxurious restaurant or a busy traditional restaurant you will find a place to eat oysters that suits your needs from the top 10 oyster restaurants listed above. In the more traditional restaurants it is recommended that you don't smother sauce on the oysters to prevent offending the farmers. Now you have been recommended the 10 Outstanding Places To Eat Oysters In America where will you your next meal be?

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