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8 "People" Foods That Are Good for Your Cat ...

By Lauren

It can be hard to resist giving your feline friend a special treat from the dinner table, but make sure it's one of these people foods that are good for your cat! Cats should never have onion, garlic, kelp, grapes, raisins, sugary treats, chocolate, and alcoholic or caffeinated drinks, even in small doses! Also keep in mind that all of these people foods that are good for your cat should be given in moderation and remain as natural as possible!

1 Fish

Let's start this list of people foods that are good for your cat with the one most people already know about: Fish! Canned fish, like tuna, is fine to share with your kitty in small portions. This will prevent your cat from ingesting too much mercury, fatty acids and magnesium, which can cause health problems. It's even healthier if you feed your cat small portions of fresh salmon or tuna from the supermarket!

2 Meat

Cats are carnivores, thus animal meat is one of the best human foods to give a cat. Of all the different meats, cooked poultry is probably the best choice. Keep in mind that while some vets prefer giving your cat raw meat for the nutritional value, uncooked meat brings with it the same safety concerns as uncooked fish or eggs. Also remember that just like humans, cats should not consume too much fat from meat, so give your cat lean cuts. This is why you also shouldn't let your cat finish your unwanted fat trimmings from dinner!


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3 Eggs

Eggs are great for both humans and cats because they're rich in protein. In fact, many books pertaining to natural cat diets strongly encourage owners to give their cats eggs! Cooked eggs, such as scrambled or hard-boiled, can make an excellent and nutritious treat for a cat. Make sure to note that eggs are a very allergenic food and you should watch for signs of an allergic reaction in your cat if you are feeding them eggs for the first time.

4 Broccoli

A cat's diet is mainly dependent on protein, however sometimes they can get a craving for veggies! If you notice your cat chewing on house plants, try feeding them a small portion of steamed broccoli. This could satisfy their desire for greens and keep them away from potentially toxic house plants! Veggies, like plants and grass, can also help your cat with any digestive issues. Make sure not to add any butter or salt to the broccoli; the more natural, the better!

5 Cheese

Many cats love cheese, and it’s a good source of protein for them! Although some cats are able to eat it without any problem, keep in mind that many adult cats become lactose intolerant. For these adult cats, any cheese, milk or other dairy will cause diarrhea. If you’re interested in feeding your cat dairy, give it a very small amount of cottage cheese, natural yogurt, or sour cream to see how their body handles it.

6 Baby Food

Your cat can eat most kinds of baby food, but their favorite will probably be the meats. Cats enjoy plain meat, meat mixed with vegetables and the toddler meat sticks that look like tiny hot dogs. Baby foods are especially helpful if your cat is sick, since you may be able to entice her with some of these goodies when she won’t touch anything else. Make sure to check the label to make sure there’s no onion powder or minced onions in the food, since those can harm your cat!

7 Ginger

Ginger is a natural remedy that counters nausea which you can try to feed your kitty if they have car sick problems or an upset stomach. However, because they're carnivores, most cats won’t be interested in gingerbread or ginger cookies. Instead, try offering your cat a tiny taste of no-sugar whipped cream mixed with ginger as a special treat that soothes their tummy troubles.

8 Canned Pumpkin

Although they aren't big vegetable eaters, cats seem to love pumpkin! The high fiber in pumpkins also works as a great natural remedy for hairballs, diarrhea or constipation. Use the canned (plain nonflavored) version, divide servings into ice cube trays and freeze. Then it will be easy to thaw only the amount needed.

Unlike dogs, who can live on an omnivorous diet and can actually survive on a vegetarian diet, cats are strictly carnivores. Thus, usually the only human food a cat will eat is meat and other animal products. Don't ever use people foods as a main diet for your cat as it can be dangerous to their health. What are your favorite people foods to give to your kitty?

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