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7 Perks of Coffee That Justify Your Habit ...

By Eliza

Maybe you feel guilty when you reach for the third, fourth of fifth cup of coffee, but you shouldn’t since there are many perks of coffee that can make you feel better about downing it by the potful. Of course, it’s important to eat, and drink, anything in moderation, so don’t go overboard with the coffee or you could feel jittery and have trouble sleeping. Instead, enjoy a few cups every day and know that the perks of coffee mean you’re doing something good for yourself.

1 It Contains Antioxidants

It Contains AntioxidantsCoffee beans contain antioxidants, which play a huge role in preventing a host of health conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. This makes coffee a great beverage for helping protect your health, making it one of the perks of coffee you simply cannot ignore. Just don’t dump in a half-gallon of cream and a heaping spoon of sugar, which adds unnecessary fat and calories that won’t be doing you any favors.

2 It Boosts Memory

It Boosts MemoryYou know that coffee can give you a quick pick-me-up when your energy flags, but it can also boost your memory. Not only do you feel more alert after a cup of joe, but you might find it easier to remember important details at work, school or even just at home as you hunt down your car keys.


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3 It Prevents Age-Related Brain Issues

It Prevents Age-Related Brain IssuesIf the thought of dementia or Alzheimer’s strikes fear into your heart, look no further than your next cup of coffee for help. Coffee beans can help fight off both conditions, so don’t feel bad if one java in the morning isn’t enough. If age-related brain problems run in your family, consider adding a cup of coffee to your regular routine to boost your protection.

4 It Relieves Stress

It Relieves StressThere’s no magical substance or compound in coffee that can take your stress away, but if you love it, just the smell of coffee cooking can help you relax and make you feel better. Go ahead and brew a pot for mornings if it helps you get through early hours. Or, head to your favorite coffee shop for a whiff of the beans and a tasty afternoon drink when work gets to be too much.

5 It Controls Your Weight

It Controls Your WeightNo, you can’t rely on coffee on its own to keep you slender, but the caffeine it contains can give your metabolism a boost and give you the energy to get some exercise. At the same time, plain black coffee is calorie-free, which means you can fill up without filling out. Combined, these factors make coffee a great choice if you’re trying to control or maintain your weight.

6 It Prevents Cancer

It Prevents CancerAgain, coffee can’t do it alone, but the hot beverage does offer some protection against several types of cancer, including skin and oral cancer. This is partly due to its antioxidant content, but caffeine and other plant compounds might play a role too. So yes, that extra coffee once a week is perfectly fine!

7 It Battles Depression

It Battles DepressionYes, you read that right! The caffeine in coffee stimulates your nervous system, which can put you in a good mood soon after you drink it. Add to that your increased focus and energy, and a couple of cups of joe can leave you feeling great and loving life! You can’t substitute coffee for traditional depression treatment, but it sure doesn’t hurt.

Coffee smells great and it’s so popular! Why do you drink coffee? How much is enough for you?

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