10 Plant Foods That Heal Your Body ...


I’m a holistic health nut at heart because I’ve witnessed the benefits firsthand of certain plant foods that can heal your body. I used to be a serious junk-food eater. Simultaneously, as I lived off boxed cereal, vending machine snacks and fast food during high school, I was always sick, low in energy or always struggling with my weight. When I started eating healthier, oddly enough, I didn’t get sick anymore, had loads of energy, and my weight dropped dramatically and stabilized itself. As I got older, I started learning about the properties different foods have and their effects on the body. I loved learning so much, I even went to school and got my degree in Nutrition. Since then, I’ve learned specifically how powerful certain plant foods that heal your body are, and how they’ve been used in ancient cultures as alternative medicine. Did I mention these foods are also delicious?

1. Spinach


If you’ve ever had low energy, bad skin, or have a hard time learning to love green foods, then let me introduce you to spinach, which is one of the best plant foods that can heal your body. Spinach is one of the best plant sources of iron, which is easily absorbed by your body. Iron is important for healthy oxygen production and red blood cell formation, which provides energy to your cells, and helps prevent and treat anemia. Spinach is also so easy to use and so tasty. It has a mild, sweet taste that can be used in salads, omelets, smoothies and you can’t even taste it! Spinach is also tasty tossed with some steamed veggies which softens it up a bit, or sautéed with some onions and mushrooms for a healthy side dish. Spinach also contains Vitamin E and Vitamin A, which give you beautiful skin. It even contains 5 grams of protein per cup for only 20 calories, making it great for your metabolism.

Sweet Potatoes
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