7 Portable Snacks to Keep in Your Pocketbook ...

Here’s what is likely to happen if you leave the house without a healthy snack: you’ll get hungry and without anything in your bag, you’ll grab something from the vending machine or the drive-thru to satisfy your hunger. The problem with that is that those choices are rarely healthy and when you snack you want something that will give you some nutrients and energy until your next meal. Wondering what you carry with you next time you leave the house? Here are your best options.

1. A Small Bag of Pumpkin Seeds is Perfect

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Pumpkin seeds are super easy to find in supermarkets and gas stations and they make a wonderful snack. Not only are the seeds packed with important vitamins and minerals you need every day, but they also contain fiber and protein, which will satisfy your appetite and help you stay feeling full.

2. Try Some Jerky Next Time You’re Hungry

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Jerky is one of the best snacks around because it contains a great amount of protein, which fuels the body and brain and keeps hunger at bay. Jerky is easy to find, but it’s also pretty simple to make yourself too. Try beef or turkey jerky next time a hankering to munch comes on and I think you’ll love what it can do for you.

3. An Apple with Peanut Butter is Delicious

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Now that many peanut butter manufacturers are selling single serving peanut butter packets, you can easily toss one, along with an apple, into your bag and eat it on the go. The apple gives you appetite suppressing fiber and a dose of natural sugars, while the peanut butter loads you up with energizing protein. Apples and peanut butter will always be one of your best snack options.

4. You Simply Can’t Go Wrong with Popcorn

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The great thing about popcorn is that you can eat a ton of it without any guilt. Air-popped corn is high in fiber and actually counts toward your daily intake of whole grains. It’s also low in calories, but the crunchy texture can satisfy a craving at snack time too. Skip the butter and flavor yours with cayenne pepper or garlic salt for a taste that’s healthier.

5. Rice Cakes Don’t Have to Be a Tasteless Diet Food

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It’s no secret that a rice cake can really fill you up for very few calories, but they don’t always taste that great. Have you tried the flavored varieties? You can find caramel, ranch and buttered popcorn flavors these days. Don’t worry. They don’t have that much more fat or calories than the plain kind, so they make an outstanding snack when you need something portable.

6. Have You Thought about Taking Dry Cereal with You?

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Cereal is something you can eat dry to save calories and create a snack you can take with you on the go. Choose a variety that is low in sugar and calories so it makes a healthy snack. Then toss a cup or so in a zip top bag and nibble it without milk when you get hungry.

7. String Cheese and Nuts Are a Can’t Go Wrong Kind of Snack

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Cheese can hang out in your bag for a few hours without being chilled so a string cheese is an obvious choice when you need a portable snack. Pair your cheese with a handful of almonds or walnuts for a hit of protein. This snack tastes great and is so easy to take with you!

What’s your favorite portable snack? Which of these do you think you’ll try today?

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