7 Pros and Cons of Owning a Keurig ...


Before I bought mine, I weighed the pros and cons of owning a Keurig. I asked friends I knew who had one what they thought. Some people love it without a complaint but others were quick to point out the pros and cons of owning a Keurig. Hereโ€™s the verdict!

1. Pro: Fast

If you arenโ€™t a morning person, a Keurig can help. Itโ€™s a quick and easy way to make your coffee when you're rushing out the door. You can program it to make your coffee each morning but if you donโ€™t, then it hardly takes any time at all. At college, I found my Keurig very useful on those mornings I overslept and was dashing for class. My pro of owning a Keurig is that itโ€™s a fast, user-friendly way to get coffee.

Con: Expensive
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