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7 Pup-Friendly Foods That Can Make Them Healthier and Happier ...

By Heather

Two months ago, I began home cooking for our dogs as one of them was having digestive issues, and discovered some easy pup-friendly foods in the process. I know many people love their dogs just as much as I do, and many of you also deal with the same issues with your own dogs. I thought I would share with you some pup-friendly foods that they not only love, but that can also help them in a few ways. Taking care of your dog is more than just pouring processed food in a bowl all the time. If you notice they aren’t feeling so well, give them special care for a week, and feed them a few pup-friendly foods. They’ll love you for it, and will probably follow you into the kitchen from here on out too!

1 Pumpkin

PumpkinI adore pumpkin, and it’s one of the best pup-friendly foods. Use canned pumpkin to give to your dogs, and mix it with a little meat, or regular dog food. It’s great for digestive issues like constipation or hemorrhoids, and also great for their coat as well.

2 Brown Rice

Brown RiceBrown rice is found in many dog foods, but dogs prefer the whole food if you can spare some. Cook some brown rice in chicken broth or water, and give them a bit. It’s great to soothe a sore tummy, or just for general health.

3 Chicken

ChickenLean chicken meat is one of the best foods to give your dog. Many animals do better with animal protein in their diet, and chicken is a great lean protein to feed them. You can use shredded chicken, and give them a few bits if they won’t eat, or don’t like the dog food you have.

4 Carrots

CarrotsAlong with pumpkin, carrots are another orange veggie dogs love. Carrots have a sweet taste, and they’re cleansing for a dog’s palate. You can give them chopped raw carrots, or cooked carrots if they have trouble chewing. Carrots are also great for digestive issues, along with boosting their mood since they are high in B vitamins and magnesium.

5 Fish

FishYep, along with chicken, dogs love fish! Fish is a great healthy food for your dog, and for you if you eat animal protein. Use low mercury fish whenever possible, and never feed your dog raw fish. The omega 3’s in fish are great for their heart, coat, mood, and their digestive tract. It’s also fantastic for their metabolism, just like it is yours!

6 Yogurt

YogurtUnless your dog has a lactose intolerance or allergy, they will love yogurt! This is one of my dog’s favorite foods. I do suggest using organic and plain yogurt. Sweetened varieties can and usually do, contain additives, artificial sweeteners, or even food coloring that are bad for your dog, and for you.

7 Coconut Oil

Coconut OilMy dogs love coconut oil and so will yours! This miraculous food can help treat fleas can help improve their coat and skin, and coconut oil can also help increase their metabolism. I also notice my dogs’ mood improves when they eat coconut oil. Coconut oil is a great fat to help with digestive issues in your dog’s diet too, and it comes with all the same benefits for them as it does for humans. Plus, they just love it! My dogs come running as soon as they hear me open the jar, and I’m not even kidding.

Some other favorites my dogs have are berries, whole grain bread, and potatoes. Do your dogs have any foods they just love?

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