9 Quick and Easy Raw Foods That Might Help You Lose Weight ...

Quick and easy raw foods are one of the simplest ways to make weight loss easier and give you a full dose of nutrition at the same time. While cooked foods have their place in your diet, raw foods are a great way to help you lose weight so long as they mainly come from fruits and vegetables. Cooking fruits and vegetables reduces their enzyme content and makes your body work harder to digest them. This is thought (though not proven) to slow down the metabolism because all energy is focused on digestion instead of burning calories. Whether you're looking to slim down or just feel better, quick and easy raw foods can help you do just that. Check out some of my favorites and snack on these or base your meals on them when instead of processed or heavily cooked foods.

1. Leafy Greens

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Leafy greens are a cornerstone of any weight loss plan and are among the best quick and easy raw foods you'll want to consume. They're ridiculously low in calories yet packed with nutrition.

2. Raspberries

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Raspberries are lower in sugar yet higher in fiber than all other common berries. One raspberry contains just one calorie! Have a half a cup a day in a smoothie, on some overnight oats, or just as a filling snack.

3. Bananas

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Bananas are commonly outlawed for weight loss but they can actually help you lose weight for a few reasons. Bananas contain a lot of fiber, water, Vitamin B6, and magnesium. If you're nervous or anxious, have a banana. Your cortisol (stress hormone) levels will decrease and you'll be quite satisfied. Because they contain some starch, they're very filling and can ward off cravings for unhealthy junk foods.

4. Celery

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Celery is rich in water, potassium, natural sodium, and fiber. It is a great anti-stress and anti-bloat remedy. I like to add a stalk or two to smoothies, salads, or to soups and stews. Celery is a natural diuretic to shed water weight and can curb the need to eat something salty and crunchy such as chips and crackers.

5. Cucumber

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Like celery, cucumber is a natural diuretic and full of potassium. It's also high in water and Vitamin C. Cucumber is great to beat the bloat and to keep you hydrated. This can help keep your tummy flat and fill you up on fewer calories.

6. Grape Tomatoes

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These little gems are perfect for snacks since they're low in sugar, fat-free, high in fiber, and extremely low in calories. Per cup, you'll only take in 30 calories from grape tomatoes and be quite full afterwards. They're awesome eaten alone or tossed onto any salad of your choice.

7. Carrots

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Carrots are very filling, naturally sweet, and just plain fun to snack on since they're bright in color and easy to eat. You can either eat baby carrots or chop whole carrots up into slices or strips. Snack on them when you get the munchies and you'll be full in just minutes.

8. Apples

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Apples are packed with water, fiber, and natural sugars to satisfy your sweet tooth. Green, red, and pink apples are all great to add to your diet and full of nutritious benefits. Apples contain a special fiber known as pectin that fills you up, removes cholesterol from the body, and can even block fat absorption.

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Pears are higher in fiber than apples and offer an exceptional sweetness that's hard to beat. They're also loaded with Vitamin C and potassium. Have a ripe pear next time your sweet tooth hits. The sweet flesh of a pear tastes like candy when you're craving sugar - guaranteed!

What are some of your favorite quick and easy raw foods? I'd love to hear how sneak them into your day!

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