7. Raw Fudge

Raw Fudge

Yes, you can have fudge and still eat raw! I love making raw fudge. It is so easy, full of energizing ingredients, and best of all, it takes 5 minutes. Did I mention this fudge is great for your metabolism? It uses coconut oil, which most of us know is great for weight loss, your skin, hair, nails, energy, thyroid, sex drive, mood and just about anything else you can think of. Don’t fear this fat, ladies! It will enhance your beauty and nutrition routine more than you could imagine. Raw cacao is rich in magnesium, iron, natural stimulants that contain no caffeine, zinc, copper, and fiber. All of these nutrients give you energy and sustain you.


1 cup raw coconut oil

¼ cup raw honey or agave (or you can sub in stevia, about 1 tsp)

¼ raw cacao powder


Melt coconut oil either over the stove on low heat, or use my favorite method. I place the coconut oil in a small Pyrex dish or heat stable glass bowl, and put it on the hot plate of my coffee maker. I turn the coffee maker on and it heats the oil slower and more stable so it doesn’t burn, all within about 5 minutes.

Add the cacao powder and honey, agave, or stevia to the melted coconut oil.

Stir until fully incorporated and pour the mixture into mini cupcake liners in a mini muffin pan. You can also use an ice cube tray.

Place in the freezer for 30 minutes to harden before removing.

They will stay hard at room temperature unless it is above 75 degrees, at which point the coconut oil will melt.

Now you have raw chocolate you can enjoy anytime, without guilt, for a true source of raw energy!

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