Awesome Reasons to Eat More Chocolate Not That You Needed Them ...


Awesome Reasons to Eat More Chocolate Not That You Needed Them  ...
Awesome Reasons to Eat More Chocolate Not That You Needed Them  ...

Do you need some reasons to eat more chocolate? Ask any girl in the world what her favourite treat is, and it’s highly likely that chocolate will be mentioned on top of most people’s lists! There is no food that makes you feel more satisfied and indulgent than chocolate, but unfortunately, that sensational sweet taste comes along with a number of health and diet issues that can sometimes take the fun out of the experience! We all know that eating too much chocolate isn’t good for us thanks to the sugar and fat content, and we are all well versed in the various reasons that consuming less of it might be a good idea, but have you ever considered that there are just as many reasons to eat MORE chocolate? Don’t believe us? Take a look through our list of reasons to eat more chocolate.

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Improves Mood

Chocolate contains ingredients like phenylethylamine, which actually encourages your brain to produce feel good hormones that you will make you feel much better overall. This is why we tend to head for chocolate when we are on our periods, to try to counteract the negative moods that the bodily process is putting us through. If it works for your period, it will also work after a bad day at work! A better mood is one of the best reasons to eat more chocolate.


Heart Health

Studies have shown that some amounts of chocolate can be good for your overall heart health. Dark chocolate, in particular, has been shown to be able to reduce blood pressure. It can also help to lower any risks you might have of developing cardiovascular disease or suffering a stroke.


Protects Skin

Did you know that dark chocolate has the power to protect your skin from the effects of UB rays? Flavanols that can be found in the chocolate have been found to boost the skin's defense mechanisms against sun damage, which is a great excuse to have that extra square! Of course, you should still be applying your usual amount of sunscreen at the same time!


Brain Health

In a definite theme that is occurring, dark chocolate once again comes to the fore as a food that can actually benefit your brain health! Those clever flavanols are at it once again, helping to support cognitive function and keep your thinking skills as sharp as a tack. Dark chocolate also has anti-inflammatory properties which can be very helpful for things like brain injuries including a concussion.


Boost Weight Loss

That’s right, chocolate can actually help you lose weight! Once again, dark chocolate shows that it is a superhero food by helping to fight blood sugar spikes, which are responsible for sending sugar straight to your fat cells. A little bit every day can actually help fight against developing diabetes.


Boosted Libido

We all know that chocolate is a sexy food, but that can be taken literally in the sense that it has the power to boost your sex drive! It might be psychological rather than scientific, but millions of people all over the world consider chocolate to be a kind of aphrodisiac, producing those feel-good hormones that can get you in the mood!

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