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Growing up, I loved white rice and even brown rice, but once I learned of all the reasons to eat quinoa, I fell in love with this super-grain! Quinoa is rising in popularity every day, and for good reason. Once you read all of the reasons to eat quinoa instead of rice, it will be hard to resist this trending little grain! Note: all of the nutrition information I mention here is based on a 100g portion of quinoa.

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Protein is a key part of our diet, needed for staying or becoming lean and toned. While many people rely on meat as their number one source of protein, there are plenty of healthy plant-based proteins available for you to try. And especially if you're vegan or vegetarian, I'm certain you're always looking for great plant-based proteins. When comparing quinoa to rice, it's obvious why more protein is among the top reasons to eat quinoa; quinoa has 14g of protein where brown rice has a measly 2.6g!



Bananas aren't the only tasty source of potassium; quinoa is an excellent source of potassium if your diet is lacking it. Personally, I hate bananas, but I love quinoa and will eat it with dinner several nights a week. To give you some perspective, bananas have 358mg potassium, about 10% of your daily needed intake, and brown rice only has 43mg, about 1%, while quinoa has a whopping 563mg amounting to 16% of your daily value!



Fiber plays a key role in weight loss, and weight loss is a common goal for many. So, if you're debating whether to switch from brown rice to quinoa, consider how much fiber one serving of quinoa contains! Although it's still totally tasty, quinoa has 7g of fiber per serving, whereas rice merely has 1.8g! That's why once you begin eating quinoa, you'll begin seeing weight loss in no time!



Magnesium could possibly be the most versatile mineral in the natural world. Our body needs it for over 300 biological processes it carries out regularly in order to maintain health. Some of the key roles of magnesium are alleviating constipation, thinning blood (like aspirin on-tap), and keeping bones healthy. Since magnesium is so important, it's always great to find new ways to consume it. Fortunately, quinoa is chock full of magnesium, with 49% of your recommended daily value in every serving!



Calcium is most often associated with bone health, and healthy bones are key to proper functioning and a long, happy life. Vegans especially may have some difficulty getting proper amounts of calcium without taking dietary supplements, as well as people with lactose intolerance. Luckily, quinoa is friendly to both dietary restrictions, and still contains a considerable amount of calcium. Every serving of quinoa has 47mg of calcium, whereas each serving of rice only has 10mg.



Iron is among the most important nutrients for women. During your menstrual cycle, you lose so much iron that you have to replenish it by taking in lots of iron through your diet. Additionally, vegetarians and vegans struggle even more so because they don't consume red meat, the traditional source of iron. But ladies, you're in luck! Quinoa has 4.6 mg of iron per serving, an amount that towers over brown rice's 0.4mg and means your body will be happier and healthier!


Vitamin B-6

Vitamin B-6 may be one of the heroes in the world of women’s vitamins, as it has been used to alleviate PMS symptoms such as premenstrual acne and bloating. Vitamin B-6 also benefits your memory and may reduce the risk for heart disease. With all these amazing benefits in mind, I feel like only eating foods rich in Vitamin B-6 for the rest of my life! Luckily, quinoa would make the cut, seeing as it has 0.5mg, which amounts to approximately 25% of your daily value, while rice only has 0.1mg

Clearly, quinoa is the wiser choice for a grain in a number of ways. Quinoa is a delicious alternative to rice, and you won't regret making the switch! Why do you prefer quinoa over rice?

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I love quinoa

it makes really good pilaf and salads too!

I got a serious allergic reaction to this... please make sure you treat this product properly

plus it's delicious!

Now that's some info thanks for sharing I'm getting some today

it's actually a seed not a grain!

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