7 Reasons Why Pumpkin is Good for You ...


7 Reasons Why Pumpkin is Good for You ...
7 Reasons Why Pumpkin is Good for You ...

I’ve recently discovered that pumpkins are good for you, and I’m thrilled, since this is fall, pumpkin season! If you’re just hearing this good news, keep reading! Here are 7 reasons why pumpkin is good for you. Canned or cooked, as long as you’re not adding sugar, you’re good to go!

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It’s Rich in Fiber

One of the lesser-known reasons why pumpkin is good for you is because it’s fairly high in fiber. One cup of cooked, mashed pumpkin contains 3 grams of fiber, or roughly 11% of your recommended daily allowance.


It’s an Excellent Source of Vitamin a

Wow! I had no idea pumpkin contained so much of the antioxidant Vitamin A! One serving contains a whopping 245% of the USDA recommended daily amount. That’s amazing!


It Contains Potassium

Move over, banana: pumpkin is my new favorite source of potassium. One small serving of pumpkin contains 250 milligrams of potassium, and although winter squash contains a lot more, in my view, pumpkin is a little more palatable.


It’s Loaded with Iron

Oddly enough, that same small serving of pumpkin also contains a healthy amount of iron. One cup has a little less than 10% of your recommended daily allowance of iron. Unlike some other sources of iron, though, pumpkin is also fat-free.


Oh, the Antioxidants!

Remember when I mentioned Vitamin A as one of the antioxidants that pumpkin contains? Well, another reason pumpkin is good for you is because it’s also loaded with other antioxidants, like Vitamins C and E. In fact, one serving of pumpkin contains almost 20% of your recommended daily dose of Vitamin C.


Marvelous Magnesium

Why is magnesium important? Because our bodies use it for maintaining normal muscle function (including a healthy heart rhythm) and for boosting our immune systems, among other things. And another reason pumpkin is good for you is because it’s an excellent source of magnesium. The best part of the pumpkin for magnesium is the seeds, which are so very tasty roasted!


Hooray for Vitamin K

If you take blood thinners, chances are, you don’t absorb enough Vitamin K, but don’t fret. Yet another reason why pumpkin is good for you is because it contains a lot of Vitamin K, about 40% of the recommended daily dose of it! Keep in mind, too, that Vitamin K is great for building strong bones.

Who knew pumpkin was so good for you? I didn’t, but now that I know, I’m excited to add more of it to my diet! Which of these reasons why pumpkin is good for you was surprising, and which did you already know about? How do you like to cook pumpkin? Please share!

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