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I can't overstate how important I think it is to be adventurous with food. There are few things more annoying than going out for dinner with someone who dominates every mealtime because there are so few things they can eat. Other than the fact that you'll stop annoying everyone you know, there are plenty of good reasons to start being more adventurous with food - here's why!

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You're Missing out

This is an obvious reason to start being more adventurous with food, which is why I'm surprised when people don't seem to get it. If you haven't tried it, how can you possibly know if you don't like it? 'It looks horrible' is not nor will ever be a good reason to not try something. Stop it.


Think about all the incredible flavors and unique textures you're missing out on! It's a culinary journey awaiting you at every meal. The excitement of tasting something new—whether it's a spicy pad Thai, a succulent piece of sushi, or an exotic fruit you can't pronounce—makes dining a true adventure. Your taste buds are yearning for variety, so indulge them! By being more open to trying different foods, you're not just feeding your body but nourishing your soul as well.



Food is a huge part of life, and it's one of the most important ways of bringing a community together. It's not only about what you eat, but where you go, what you do, who you meet. The food we eat is so closely linked to our cultures and identities - don't close yourself off from that.


Venturing into new culinary territories can be intimidating, especially when faced with unfamiliar dishes that challenge our usual taste preferences. However, shying away from these experiences can mean missing out on discovering new favorites that could enrich your life. Our palettes are often unexplored maps of potential delight, but without venturing a little outside of our comfort zones, we may never encounter the rich flavors and stories that each dish has to offer. Embracing adventurous eating is a step toward not only personal growth but also cultural appreciation and a broader, more joyful relationship with food.



If the above is true, then naturally you're limiting yourself socially, too. As I mentioned before, there is nothing more irritating than someone who has a small list of places they can eat at. I have friends like this and I'm tempted to just stop asking them anywhere.


When you're willing to try different foods, you become the friend everyone loves to invite out. Imagine the fun and diverse conversations that could spark from a shared plate of something exotic or new! By staying in your culinary safe zone, you not only miss out on delicious tastes, but also on bonding moments and memories that food can create. Plus, think of all the Instagram-worthy dishes you're passing up! Being adventurous with food truly expands your social circles and experiences, making you a more engaging and curious companion. Embrace the unknown and let your taste buds lead the way!



Worse than fussiness, much worse, is ignorance. As with everything, when you turn your nose up at something you don't know anything about, it is ignorance - doesn't matter if it's food, people, a place; it's ignorance and there's no excuse for that.


Get Stuck in

When you visit somewhere new, you go and see the sights, maybe go to some museums - right? Well, why wouldn't you sample the food, too? Try everything, all the local delicacies! Every time I go somewhere, a significant portion of my lasting memories come from meals out that I've eaten - roast goose in a brewery in Prague, fresh seafood on a beach in Thailand, macaroons in Paris! The local culinary scene is as much a part of the local heritage as that cathedral you walked round earlier, after all.


So, if you're up for a real adventure, why not roll up your sleeves and dive into a cooking class where you get to prepare and then enjoy dishes with a knowledgeable local chef? Imagine kneading dough with an Italian nonna or learning the subtle art of sushi-making in Japan. It’s not just about the ingredients and the techniques, it’s about the stories and traditions that come with them. Food isn't merely sustenance, it's a gateway to the world's soul. And who knows, you might even bring home a recipe that'll impress your friends and family!



Every day I read something new about eating healthily or dieting, or whatever. Now, I know it's important to eat healthily but if you have a limited repertoire of dishes to choose from, lettuce can get pretty boring. Then again, I don't really go in for faddy diets. So, instead I think about all the options on offer that we wouldn't necessarily have come across so easily fifty years ago in the US or the UK. Eating healthy can be a lot more fun if you're delving into a sweet and spicy Vietnamese salad.


Experimenting with different cuisines can transform your meals from a mundane task into an exciting exploration. Imagine the burst of flavor from a tangy Peruvian ceviche or the comforting warmth of a Moroccan tagine. These dishes offer a variety of nutrients and broaden your culinary horizons, making the journey to health both educational and tantalizing. Plus, experimenting with international recipes can introduce you to new ingredients that pack a punch in terms of both taste and nutrition. It's a win-win: your taste buds get a party, and your body gets the benefits. So why stick to the same old when you could take your palate on a global adventure?


It's Fun!

A cheery note to end on; I absolutely love food, from learning about it, to cooking it, to eating it. Don't eat just to survive - take joy in it, be delighted by something new that might just become your new favourite thing to eat, linger for hours over a meal shared with friends and family. You are what you eat, after all - may as well enjoy it!

I hope this inspires you to go out and eat something you wouldn't normally. Are you adventurous in your food choices? Do you find it annoying when you meet people who aren't?

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don't force people to try anything. it's their own choice to "miss out". it's very rude that you wouldn't hang out with your friends because they don't like the same food as you. that's very arrogant.

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