7 Reasons You Could Eating Too Much Protein ...

By Tara

7 Reasons You Could Eating Too Much Protein ...

After all the high protein fad diets that have produced adverse health effects, are you eating too much protein? Most people have sufficient protein in their diet without even the need for supplementation but unfortunately they are unaware. Usually only people on strict diets are at risk for getting too little protein. Too much protein can have negative health effects and cause weight gain, so let me share with you the reasons you just may be eating too much protein:

1 Do You Eat Eggs?

Do You Eat Eggs? If you eat eggs you are getting your lean protein from a source other than meat. This is a healthy method of getting your adequate protein and a great way to start your day the healthy way. This also will help you aid your weight loss goals. So are you eating too much protein?

2 Do You Eat Beans?

Do You Eat Beans? If you are a vegetarian you will not be getting your protein from animal products, so do you eat beans? Beans are a lean source of protein, great for weight loss and you will feel an energy boost. So make sure you pair this with your lunch or dinner vegetables.

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3 Do You Eat Nuts and Seeds?

Do You Eat Nuts and Seeds? If you eat almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pistachios or any other nuts, you will provide your body with protein. Just remember that since nuts are high in calories and fat, be sure to have no more than a handful a day. This addition to your diet will help you to meet the recommended consumption of protein, which should be 15%-30% of your daily calorie consumption.

4 Do You Eat Quinoa?

Do You Eat Quinoa? Quinoa is a healthy wholesome grain that has protein in it and it is gluten free. You can cook quinoa with some veggies for a healthy and filling dinner you will love. Quinoa is one of my favorite meals because of its nutty flavor that cooks well with any side!

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5 Are You Consuming over 40 Grams of Protein a Day?

Are You Consuming over 40 Grams of Protein a Day? Adult women on average require just 46 grams of protein a day and men require just 56 grams a day. Your protein consumption can come from various sources of grains, eggs, vegetables and nuts. Most healthy people meet these requirements without realizing this. But don’t just take my word, do the math and count the amount of protein you are consuming each day.

6 Are You a Protein Shake Lover?

Are You a Protein Shake Lover? Since most of us are getting adequate protein already in our diets, excess protein through shakes and protein bars is harmful to your body. If more that 40% of your diet is consumption of protein, you can build up toxic ketones in your body. This can harm your kidneys, lead to dehydration and also cause excessive weight gain. Additionally this puts stress on your heat and other organs. Did I mention protein bars are usually high in calories? So make sure you are not eating an excessive amount of protein.

7 Do You Eat Yogurt or Other Milk Products?

Do You Eat Yogurt or Other Milk Products? Another source of protein you’re probably not even aware you are getting is from yogurt or milk. If you consume these milk products, this is another source. Be aware of the amount of protein and calories you are consuming so you can fuel your body properly.

Hope you have learned more about my reasons you may be eating too much protein. Assess your diet and make sure you are in alignment of your goals. What are your sources of protein?

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