7 Reasons You Should Be Eating Sweet Potato Greens ...


Did you know that sweet potatoes have their own greens? They sure do! And they are easy to cook with and full of nutrients. That makes them something that everyone should be eating on a regular basis. Sweet potato greens aren’t super easy to find, but if you come across them, I urge you to give them a try. They have a pleasant greeny flavor that you are going to love. Check out all of these great reasons to eat sweet potato greens and you’ll never look back.

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Sweet potato greens, like many other leafy green veggies, are pretty versatile. You can do lots of things with them. Try sauteeing them in garlic butter and serving them as a side dish. You can also toss them into soup or stew recipes, or add them to a salad. Pretty much anything you can do with other greens, you can do with sweet potato greens.


They Are Full of Antioxidants

Vegetables that are darkly colored are generally chock full of antioxidants. These are nutrients that fight free radical damage, which protects your body from cellular changes that lead to many health problems. That includes cancer and heart disease. You want to load up on antioxidants because they protect your health. Adding sweet potato greens to your meal plan is a delicious way to get your fill.


Protects Your Eyes

Macular degeneration is a health issue that can come with age. To prevent it, your must protect your eyes by making sure you eat a nutritious diet. Evidence shows that eating sweet potato greens can ward of macular degeneration, so you should totally go buy some today. Protect your peepers!


Easy on the Stomach

Research shows that sweet potato greens can help relieve digestive disturbances, including stomach pain, nausea and diarrhea. Maybe you don’t like taking medication or are having trouble beating your issue. Nibble on some sweet potato greens and you are likely to see your stomach issues dissipating. There’s nothing better than treating what ails you with something tasty to eat.


Low in Calories

Whether you want to lose weight or just don’t want to gain any, it’s important to monitor your calorie intake. If you consume more calories than you can burn on a regular basis, you might notice the weight creeping up on you. Fortunately, sweet potato greens taste good and are low in calories, giving you a great option for eating flavorful food without overdoing it on the calories. What more could you ask for?


Balance Blood Sugar

If you have diabetes, you know very well how important it is to regulate your blood sugar levels. Research studies have found that sweet potato greens can help with this process. According to the experts, sweet potato greens contain a substance that balances blood sugar levels, so talk to your doctor about giving it a try today.


Vitamin C

Sweet potato greens are abundant in vitamin C. This nutrient is important for boosting your immunity as well as other jobs that can’t be done if you skimp on it. A deficiency isn’t all that common, but you can always boost your intake for some good benefits. Try a heaping serving of sweet potato greens and you’ll be healthier in no time.

Have you ever tasted sweet potato greens? I’ve had a hard time finding them, but I can‘t way to give them a try when I do. Do you have any cooking or preparation tips for sweet potato greens?

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