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Recipes for overnight oats are so great for breakfast! In the mornings, I feel like I am always running out of time. I usually grab something unhealthy and just go. I’m a bit ashamed to say that there have been times when I grab a chocolate bar and a mug of coffee! If you’re at all like me, I have found an awesome solution: overnight oats.

If you don’t know what overnight oats are, they’re exactly what they sound like: oatmeal made overnight! You mix uncooked oats, milk (or yogurt, or a milk substitute), and some delicious toppings and mix-ins the night before, and the next morning, voila! All you need is a spoon! Here are 13 awesome recipes for overnight oats to try right now.

1. Café Mocha Overnight Oats

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It’s like a nice coffee drink and breakfast all in one! This is one of the best recipes for overnight oats.

Recipe: motionmom.com

French Toast Overnight Oats
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