Recipes You Should Start Making in Your Slow Cooker ...

Sure, there are many dishes that we know how to cook in a slow cooker. But, there may be a few we never thought of. With this video, learn how to cook dishes not normally made in a slow cooker.

I chose two: the party mixes and oatmeal. How about you?

I love Chex Mix Party Mix. However, all of those individual bags from the store start to make my wallet upset. But then, there are no set rules to make a party mix. Don't like pretzels or nuts? Use a different snack instead. Make your coating your own if you want! If you want any specific Chex Mix Party Mix option, go directly to this website

As for oatmeal, yes, I have heard of using fresh fruit. However, I never thought of using canned pie filling! I find oatmeal to be so boring. I now know how to make the dish delicious! What about some cherry oatmeal to wake up to? I am a little cautious when it comes to leaving the slow cooker on all night, but if I set my alarm a little early in the morning, I can have breakfast ready with the morning iced coffee ritual.

I hope you have found this video to be inspiring!

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