Redneck Tea 🍵 with a Keurig 😱 ...

Don't let the title fool you! The method used in this video makes delicious iced tea (even iced coffee) and is frugal and easy to do! Yum!

Make these ahead of time to grab and go! Stop buying all of that expensive bottled iced tea (even iced coffee). Jars at my local grocery store cost about $8.99 a crate. Got empty spaghetti sauce jars? Why not recycle! K-cups too expensive? Simply use tea bags!

Adorable for entertaining. Have ready witn a bunch of straws, lemon slices and party food.

Not only delicious during the spring and summer months, but wonderful to have during the fall and winter to brighten your day when the weather is gloomy.

I hope you like!

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