7 Restaurant Meals That Are Incredibly Healthy for You ...


If you live on the go, but try to watch what you eat, then chances are you’re familiar with healthy restaurant meals out there. I like to be able to enjoy myself out at an occasional dinner with friends and family without taking in tons of calories or twice my daily allowance of sodium, which happens to be a problem with even seemingly healthy restaurant choices out there. To help you ladies out, I’ve spotlighted my favorite healthy restaurant meals that have great nutritional stats, including overall calories, sugar content, items that are gluten-free, and are decent in sodium levels. On days I eat out at restaurants, I am careful not eat much sodium elsewhere though, since it is virtually impossible to eat out without taking in a little excess sodium. To cut back on excess salt intake, I always ask for no seasonings on my foods and instead splash them with some black pepper and a squeeze of lemon if I want some flavor. In addition, you can always ask that your meats and veggies not be cooked in any oils or butters. They will still taste fabulous and you’ll cut down on calories. So, without further ado, here are my favorite healthy restaurant meals that I love to enjoy sans guilt, but with plenty of enjoyment!

1. Longhorn Steakhouse Grilled Rainbow Trout

Longhorn Steakhouse Grilled Rainbow Trout

Longhorn is one of my favorite places to get many great choices for healthy restaurant meals. First, I love that their website contains all of their nutritional stats, along with a gluten-free menu and how to order gluten-free. They also have many items that are under 500 calories. The Grilled Rainbow Trout is a great option, totaling only 380 calories for the entire dish, which includes a vegetable side and salad (dressing contents are not included, however). I always choose to have my fish cooked with no oil to cut back on calories and I usually opt for the asparagus as my side, or fresh seasonal veggies cooked with no butter. Steakhouses are a great place to get clean food with great flavor if you know how to order correctly. I also like that most of their dressings are gluten-free and their balsamic vinaigrette is low in calories and sugar, and contains no fat.

P.F. Chang’s Buddha’s Feast Steamed Lunch with Rice
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