Calorific Salad Toppings That Will Sabotage Your Weight Loss Goals ...

By Alicia

Calorific Salad Toppings That Will Sabotage Your Weight Loss Goals ...

So you’re trying to do the diet thing and think you made a smart choice by choosing a salad. It’s true that salads can be a healthy choice. They can also be a huge diet mistake if you choose the wrong toppings. These are 7 salad toppings to stay away from if you’re trying to lose weight.

Table of contents:

  1. high cal dressings
  2. full-fat cheese
  3. croutons
  4. breaded chicken strips
  5. bacon
  6. a tortilla shell or chips
  7. deli style salads

1 High Cal Dressings

High Cal Dressings Dressings can be a big pitfall for your salad. I know, it’s totally sad! Dressings are the little motivators that help us eat all the veggies we aren’t so crazy over, right? The good news is there are tasty dressings you can choose that won’t sabotage your salad. Go for a vinaigrette over a creamy dressing or at least order the light version of your favorite creamy flavor.

2 Full-Fat Cheese

Full-Fat Cheese Cheese can rack up calories and fat very quickly. If cheese is a salad topping must for you then switch to a lower fat or fat free variety. You can also choose to go for full-fat and just use a smaller serving. It does take a bit of time to adjust to the difference in taste when you choose low-fat varieties of foods but you can do it. After a while, you won’t miss the old full-fat version.

3 Croutons

Croutons Croutons are yummy and there’s a reason for that. They’re as loaded with calories and fat as most things are that we love. Sometimes you may even notice the bottom of a crouton bag is greasy from the grease that’s leaked out of them. That’s a sign it’s not a good choice when you’re trying to lose weight. Instead of choosing croutons, go for a small pack of crackers or a small roll.

4 Breaded Chicken Strips

Breaded Chicken Strips It’s good to have a source of protein in your salad. Chicken is a great choice as long as you go for grilled varieties. Breaded or crispy chicken strips mean they’ve had loads of fat and calories added by the breading and then being deep fried. It’s okay to indulge in this on occasion; just keep in mind that it’s not a great benefit to your diet. You could also ask for half breaded and half grilled chicken on your salad.

5 Bacon

Bacon Very few people don’t like bacon. It’s a crowd pleaser so it’s no wonder this tantalizing little food item has made its way into our salads. It’s part of what makes a Cobb Salad so fabulous! But it’s not diet-friendly or very healthy. So if you’re going to add bacon to your salad, do so sparingly.

6 A Tortilla Shell or Chips

A Tortilla Shell or Chips You know those salads that are served in tortilla shells? They’re a bad idea. They skyrocket the calorie count on your salad. As in adding more calories than most candy bars have. Break up with the tortilla shells and chips and you’ll shave hundreds of calories off your meal.

7 Deli Style Salads

Deli Style Salads You want to pass up the deli style salads. In other words, skip adding a scoop of salads like seafood salad, potato salad, macaroni salad and others that are loaded down with mayo and other fattening ingredients. These are often placed on a salad buffet bar, but they’re not equal to the neighboring veggies. Stick to veggies, lean protein and a bit of low-fat cheese topped with a light dressing and your salad will be your friend. You’ll be slim and trim in no time!

These are 7 salad toppings to stay away from if you’re trying to lose weight. What’s your favorite healthy salad topping? I love to add strawberries to mine!

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