7 Scrumptious and Healthy Desserts ...


These 7 super scrumptious and healthy desserts will make you wonder why you ever considered doing without the most important part of the meal! Most of these sweet delicacies have little prep or cooking time too. Your friends and family will also love these super scrumptious and healthy desserts!

1. Fruit with Agave

Fruit with Agave

How easy can it get? Go to your favorite produce section, and start perusing. If you’re single, this could take on a different meaning, but right now, we’re talking about fruit. Find what talks to you — mango, pineapple, banana, grapes. Next, go to the baking aisle and look for a natural wonder called agave. It’s made from the same plant as tequila, so it must be good! It’s light, syrupy goodness can be drizzled over fruit, angel food cake, or even fruit-filled crepes. It’s a great alternative to refined white sugar, which is why this simple combo has earned the top spot on my list of scrumptious and healthy desserts.

Small Portion of Your Favorite Dessert
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