7 Scrumptious Places to Get Fresh Seafood in Salem, MA ...


In my humble opinion, you can find some of the best seafood in Salem, MA. This haunted, haunting, and unbelievably charming town is located right on the water, as are many of the best restaurants there. Whether you stick to picturesque Pickering Wharf, travel up to colorful Artists' Row, or explore historic Derby Square, you'll quickly find some of the best seafood in Salem, MA – along with tales of witchcraft, historic folklore, and maybe even some ghostly dining companions.

1. The Lobster Shanty

The Lobster Shanty

This magnificent little restaurant was once showcased on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, and although Guy praised the Shanty's pulled pork sandwich, it has some of the best seafood in Salem, MA. Located smack in the middle of Artists' Row, if you sit outside, you'll enjoy a parade of colorful characters as you dig into a fresh lobster you picked out yourself – or calamari, their scrumptious crab cakes, or even lobster risotto. If you really love lobster, you ought to enjoy a Lobster Martini as your cocktail. The prices are some of the most affordable you'll find in Salem, as well.

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