17 Secrets Starbucks Employees Will Never Tell You ...


17 Secrets Starbucks Employees Will Never Tell You ...
17 Secrets Starbucks Employees Will Never Tell You ...

Love it or hate it, Starbucks is kind of … it's a strange, special place. I cannot ever order anything at Starbucks because I get anxiety (not even kidding, this is such a sad little life), but my wife loves it. Loooves it. She has the app, she has a card or something, she has all kinds of merch, and she knows all the tips, tricks, and secret menu items – of which there are many. Starbucks is full of secrets that way. That's probably why their Ventis are so big.

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Order via Mobile 📱 to Skip the Line

Starbucks, food, meal, dessert, FEE, This will save you so much time and frustration, especially when the lines are long inside and outside – plus it's super convenient to do everything without having to actually engage anybody.


You, Too, Can Enjoy a Decadent S'mores Latte 🍫

Wall Street, drink, alcohol, You just have to ask for it … and you may have to describe it, so remember to ask for two pumps of milk chocolate, two pumps of marshmallow, and two pumps of vanilla.


Stop Burning Your Tongue Forever and Always 👅

Starbucks, cupcake, pink, food, cake, All you have to do is request your hot beverages at the “kids' temperature,” which earns you a much more taste bud-friendly drink.


How about a Hack for Getting More Flavor, More Drink, and Less Ice?

alcoholic beverage, drink, martini, espresso, cocktail, When you order a frappe, ask for light ice – that's all it takes!


More Cream, Less Money

Starbucks, alcoholic beverage, drink, produce, lip, If you love adding cream to your drinks but always run out of room, just order a tall drink in a Venti cup – you'll save money and you'll have lots of space for cream.


Use Your Lid as a Coaster when You Have a Cold Beverage

Starbucks, cappuccino, drink, coffee, latte, Because they sweat like nobody's business and that is messy.


The Makeshift Margarita Trick 🍹

Starbucks, alcohol, hand, alle, yev're, Bring some tequila to your next Starbucks run, order a Cool Lime Refresher, combine the two, and you kind of have a margarita.


Try Using Your Rewards Card when You Fly 🛫

Starbucks, macro photography, lighting, bottle, glass, Because the Starbucks at the airport is quite happy to take all your money.


Grande in a Venti

close up, espresso, coffee, home appliance, plumbing fixture, This is almost the same as the aforementioned creamer trick – you order yourself a Grande, you ask for a Venti cup, you add your milk or whatever, and bam, a Venti for the price of a Grande.


An Entire Bottle of Wine 🍷 Fits in a Trenta Cup

person, profession, Just so you know for future reference, you understand.


The Secret to Ordering

Starbucks, blond, person, woman, facial expression, Such a helpful tip, especially for weirdos like me: start by telling the barista what size you want, then mention if you want it iced or hot, and only then do you get down to the specifics of your order.


Ask for Whatever the Barista Gets!

hair, hairstyle, toddler, blond, head, You can also do this and just take your chances.


Heat up Your Baked Goods 🍩 🍪 🍰

person, Degrassi, Starbucks has tasty pastries, but they're even more delicious when you heat them – ask the barista or DIY at home.


Make This Mocha Hack Your Go-to Order

person, presentation, profession, computer program, professional, All you have to do is order an iced coffee and add mocha syrup – voila, it's an iced mocha without the iced mocha price tag.


Don't Crowd the Counter

hair, eyebrow, nose, hairstyle, eyewear, It makes everyone angry, so the people on both sides of the counter will hate you.


Coconut Milk Adds a Tropical Twist to Drinks

Starbucks, meal, food, produce, coffee cup, Seriously, apparently, you should add it to everything.


Always Ask for Extra Room for Cream if Needed

Always Ask for Extra Room for Cream if Needed You know, if you don't want to try the other size tips.

Also, you should always be nice to your barista. Say please and thank you. It matters.

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seriously this was the dumbest thing i've ever read. tips?? uh... no. you basically just explained how to get a small drink in a bigger cup... like six times.

No. 12? Lolz

What's funny is any Starbucks employee will tell you this.

Also, iced mochas aren't made that way.


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