3. Kelp

Kelp, along with all sea veggies, is a rich source of iodine. Iodine is important for healthy thyroid function, and seaweeds can actually be some of the best foods to eat for clear skin, as long as you eat small amounts of them. When too much of a potent source of iodine is eaten, such as kelp, one of the best sources, acne can flare-up big time. In fact, a couple weeks ago, I was suffering from tons of pimples and horrible acne out of nowhere. I wasn’t eating any other foods that triggered acne, except for lots of sea veggies. I love how cleansing and energizing they are, yet they are so potent, you only need a tiny serving to make a difference. I was eating several servings a day in spirulina, kelp noodles, dulse flakes, and powdered supergreens containing the seaweeds. I happened to read an article that said an excess of iodine could cause acne. I let go of all that seaweed for a week and guess what? My skin is completely pimple free. Be sure to keep servings 3-4 times a week if you love to enjoy this food like I do, or simply cut the amount you eat in half and enjoy each day. On the other hand, if you suffer from iodine deficiency, then taking in seaweed could actually improve your skin if you don’t go overboard.