9 Simple and Tasty Ingredients to Add to Your Next Banana Bread Recipe ...


One of my mom’s favorite treats is homemade banana bread, and over the years looking for the next perfect banana bread recipe has become somewhat of a hobby for me. I enjoy making her banana bread on a whim so she doesn’t suspect it, making it more of a surprise. I always like to try out a new recipe for banana bread that features a unique tasty ingredient, though she actually just prefers the original kind. I find that looking for new ingredients to put in my next banana bread recipe has led me to discover all the delicious accents you can add to the original. If you need a new banana bread recipe to try, how about utilizing some simple ingredients that enhance your own favorite recipe? These ingredients are easy to add right into any recipe you already have on hand, and if nothing else, it’s a great way to use up excess ingredients in your pantry or fridge. Settle down with a piece of banana bread, cup of coffee and join me in learning these new tasty ingredients to put in your next batch!

1. Cashew Butter

Cashew Butter

One of my favorite new add-ins for any banana bread recipe is cashew butter in replacement for half the oil or butter called for in the recipe. If your recipe doesn’t call for either oil or butter, add in two tablespoons of cashew butter. This lends the most subtle, yet amazing creamy flavor that is so incredible. It is one of my top favorites of all.

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