5 Super πŸ’― Simple πŸ‘Œ Tips to Start Cooking 🍽 Healthy πŸ’ͺ ...


Looking for some simple tips for cooking healthy? Here’s the thing. We all know that it is in our best interests to cook and eat as healthily as all of the popular celebrity chefs and food gurus on social media, but the truth of the matter is that sometimes it can be more daunting than the professionals make it out to be. Sometimes there are ingredients that you have never heard of, sometimes there is equipment that you can’t afford, and sometimes there are diet plans that you simply don’t like the look of! The best way to approach this kind of lifestyle change is to take it back to basics. Here are five really simple tips for cooking healthy.

1. Switch Oil for Broth or Water

There are plenty of instances in cooking where you have the opportunity to put oil to the side and use water or broth instead. A splash of broth to do something like sautΓ© vegetables is perfect, doing the cooking job whilst also adding some extra flavour to the mix. You can do so much with water in terms of finishing things off with steam rather than oil. This is one of the best simple tips for cooking healthy.

Switch Beef for Turkey
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