11 Skinny Cocktails That Don't Skimp on Flavor ...


Sometimes, I think we forget that those cocktails we so enjoy can come with some hefty calories, so I’ve put together this list of skinny cocktails to help a bit with not overdoing our caloric intake. No worries though, these drinks are high on taste. Try one of these skinny cocktails. I think you’ll be surprised!

1. Faux-jito

Shape Magazine shares these skinny cocktails with us beginning with a low-calorie Mojito.


Three or four mint leaves

A lime wedge

1 ounce white rum

Diet lemon-lime soda


Sugar (just for the rim of the glass)


Muddle mint leaves with white rum and the juice from lime wedge (1/8 of the lime). Muddling is done by lightly crushing the mint (just until the leaves bruise) using a mortar and pestle or whatever you have on hand. Just don't shred the mint!

Run the squeezed lime wedge around the rim of the glass, and then dip the top of the glass in a shallow plate of granulated sugar to coat the rim. Pour the muddled mixture into your glass, fill with crushed ice, and top off with the diet soda.

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