Skip the Store - 7 Healthy Foods to Grow in Your Own Garden ...


Everyone is going organic nowadays but eating healthily and organically can be expensive. There is a solution though, how about growing your own. It's cheaper, you can eat what's in season, just like they did in the good old days, and you know that your food hasn't been sprinkled with pesticides and other nasties. If you're just starting out, fear not as growing your own at home is actually easier than you might think.

1. Tomatoes


Tomatoes are probably the most obvious plants to grow at home and most people buy starter plants as it's easy and saves time. Buy your starter plant from any nursery or home improvement store. They need a lot of sun and a little water and they will say thank you by giving you delicious fruits all through summer. What could be better than popping out to your garden and picking a handful of tomatoes for your salad!

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