Southern Inspired Sweet Tea with SPLENDA ...

Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo

Southern Inspired Sweet Tea with SPLENDA ...

I love love love Southern Sweet tea, but I just cannot have all of that sugar! I just cannot stop at one glass and you know what all that sugar can do... adds just too many pounds. So, I think if you are anything like me, you are going to find this video inspiring!

About a month ago or two ago, a friend gave me a box of Splenda. I am a mega fan of Sweet n Low. The box of Splenda is simply still in my kitchen cupboard.

Often, I think of making a pitcher of Southern Sweet tea, but I don't allow myself because of all of the sugar. I do not like the taste of Sweet n Low in the Southern Sweet tea either. I never thought of using Splenda, until I stumbled upon this video!

No sky high blood sugar. No weight gain. Sweet. I think it is a winner!

Do you use Splenda in your iced tea? Did this video inspire you to use Splenda?

Who said Southern Sweet tea is just for summertime? Treat yourself to some today!