Super Dessert Tweaks 🍨 for Girls Who Want to Eat Healthier 💪🏻 ...


If you have a sweet tooth you know just how hard it is to fight off the temptation of a delectable dessert when you are trying to eat healthy. I switch cravings between sweet and salty and since the “salted” dessert craze struck, I find temptation even harder! But there are ways you can still enjoy a delicious sweet treat without breaking your calorie bank or ingesting too much sugar or fat. Try these tweaks and feel less guilty about indulging in dessert.

1. Switch from Milk Chocolate to Dark Chocolate

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Sure, dark chocolate can be something that you need to get your taste buds accustomed to, but once you start to appreciate the unique flavor, you will be choosing it over milk chocolate and as a result, you’ll be getting much more fiber, iron, zinc and antioxidants.

Switch White Flour for Whole Wheat Flour
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