7 Super Easy Nutrition Labels Mistakes Most Make ...


There are countless nutrition mistakes most people make when navigating the grocery store that usually will take time for them to even understand the mistake they are making. Or they may never know! Mistakes like purchasing food without understand the serving size, tricky wordy, being fooled into buying fat free and even buying a product just because it is advertised as natural. Food companies want to trick you into buying their product with crafty wording that will drive mega sales. But do not be outsmarted and check out the mistakes most make so you will never make the same mistakes again!

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You Ignore Serving Size

You ignore the serving size and as a result you end up eating more calories than you even realize. That small bag of pretzels is packed with four servings. So the 150 calories listed on the nutrition label is in essence for one serving of 23 pretzels and consuming the entire bag is 600 calories. That is a big difference so make sure you pay attention to the serving size listed on the package.


Tricky Wording

There are several names for sugar which can trick you and this wording can have you fooled into making an unhealthy purchase. So be smart, read the label and when in doubt use your smartphone, if you have one to research just what the unknown ingredients are.


You Think Because It is Sugar Free It is Healthy

Just because the food product says sugar-free does not mean it is healthy. According to the FDA regulations as long as a food product has less than 5 grams of sugar, it can be listed as sugar free. So buyer beware! Also sugar-free products are sweetened with artificial sweeteners which are way worse than regular sugar!


You Pick the Low Cal Version

Do not be fooled by your nutrition label and purchase something just because it is advertised as low calorie. The quality of your calories is way more important than it just being low calorie. Otherwise we would drink diet soda all day. Think again and look at the nutritional content of your calories!


If It is Fat Free It is in Your Cart

Fat free does not mean it is healthy. In fact often products that are advertised as fat free are not healthy. To make up for the missing fat, sugar or other chemicals are usually added. So avoid being outsmarted and read the nutrition label ensuring you avoid processed food!


You Buy It Just Because It Says Natural

Products that are advertised are natural does not mean it is low in fat or calories. Natural simply means that no additives or food colorings are included. While this is great just make sure you understand the amount of calories and fat before you put this product in your cart. Shop wise and know what you are buying!


You Are Forgetting about the Daily Percentage of Nutrients

If you focus simply on calories and fat you will be missing out on some major important health info; what is the daily percentage of nutrients? Make sure the food product you are choosing is whole grain and not just a waste of calories. If you choose to eat for health, your body will thank you with great results and you will look and feel better!

So do not be outsmarted by the nutrition labels and pay attention before you put that product in your cart!

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