7 Super Foods for Weight Loss and Better Health ...


We are fortunate to have access of some much possibilities of super foods for weight loss and better health, all available from your local grocer. There is now a health section in almost every food store. And with more knowledge, much of the public are now making better choices. As a personal trainer and health lover I cannot help by smile knowing people are making better choices and more health conscious. So let me share with you super foods for weight loss and better health:

1. Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds

You may have wondered what in the world would I eat a chia seed for? Chia seeds provide your body with protein, fiber and omega 3. I add them to my detox shakes, salad and most meals. They do not have taste so you really do not notice them but they are packed with health benefits. Most athletes swear by chia seeds as one of their foods for weight loss and better health!

Maca Powder
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