7 Supermarket Special Offers Worth Buying ...

Every time you go shopping, you see supermarket special offers. But are they worth buying? The answer is only if you will use them. For example, it's not worth stocking up on masses of yoghurts because you won't use them up in time. With other items it's worth getting as many as you can. Here are some supermarket special offers that it's worth stocking up on …

1. Toiletries

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Toiletries and non-food item are useful supermarket special offers. You know that you will use kitchen paper and toilet rolls, so grab them if you see them on offer. Also look for cleaning products and personal toiletries. It's especially worth buying items that you couldn't otherwise afford, or that you already buy and know you will like.

2. Fruit & Vegetables

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You might think that fruit and vegetables aren't worth buying when on special offer, because they won't get used up. Don't bother with salad items, but look for anything that you can freeze, bottle or can. Then you'll be able to make everything from soup and stews to desserts. This is an especially good way to stock up on seasonal fruit that would be too expensive outside its growing season.

3. Pet Food

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You can absolutely guarantee that our pampered pets will refuse to eat anything but brand names - and of course we want to give them the best food. Supermarkets often put pet food as one of their many special offers. So if you see your pet's favorite brands on offer, take the chance to stock up.

4. Fruit Juice

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Anything with a long shelf life is usually worth buying when on special offer, and fruit juice is one item that lasts for months. Cheap fruit juice isn't very nice, and is made from concentrate. So look out for pure fruit juice on special offer. It'll also give you the chance to try out different juice mixes.

5. Frozen Food

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Make the most of your freezer, and grab any special offers that can be frozen. It doesn't have to be in the frozen cabinets; look for fresh meat, vegetables, cakes and bread. Vegetarian products are worth watching for, as they can be quite expensive at full price. Some surprising products can be frozen, even nuts and fresh herbs. You can also freeze dairy products such as butter, milk and cheese.

6. Organic Meat

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If you eat meat, it's far better to buy meat of good quality, even if that means you have to eat it less often. So if you see organic meat on special offer, make the most of the opportunity to fill your freezer. For the same price as cheaper meat of poorer quality you could have enough organic meat to feed your family for a while.

7. Staples

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It's also worth stocking up on store cupboard staples if you see them at a special price. Look for items such as good-quality pasta and rice, bread flour, canned and dried pulses, plus canned tomatoes and other vegetables. With a good supply of these in your cupboards you'll be able to rustle up a quick and easy meal. They're especially handy if you're hit by bad weather and can't get to the store.

When tempted by supermarket special offers, ask yourself the following questions: Will I use it up? Do I like it? Is it really a bargain? Can I freeze it? Pass up on any specials that you can't answer with a yes, so that you don't waste money on a so-called bargain. What offers do you look out for, and have you ever bought a "special offer" that was anything but?

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