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7 Sure Signs You're a Picky Eater ...

By Vanessa

If you haven't admitted it to yourself just yet, check out some of the sure signs that you're a picky eater. A lot of them involve having your friends tell you just how difficult it is to enjoy a meal with you - LOL! If you're a self-proclaimed picky eater and are trying to change your ways, I applaud you! Check out the signs that you're a picky eater.

1 You Always Order the Same Thing

After looking over (or at least pretending to) the menu, you always settle for the same thing. Why? Because you know you'll like it. You know you don't have to worry about it and that's great news for you. Your safe choice is probably a burger or maybe even some pasta. This is just one of the signs that you're a picky eater!

2 Looking up Restaurant Menus

New restaurants are always trouble for you because you have no idea what you should order. So, you look up the menu before agreeing to a night out with your friends. If you can't spot your 'safe' food choice, you try settling for something similar. You feel the need to go into the restaurant prepared!

3 Your Friends Are Constantly Bugging You

Whenever you're out on a lunch/dinner date with your girlfriends, they can't stop bugging you. Maybe they're tired of hearing you order the same thing AGAIN but if that's what you want, that's what you should eat! Let your friends try out the rest of the menu items. If you do decide to change your mind during the meal, maybe they'll be nice enough to share with you.

4 You've Committed to Only a Few Foods

Every picky eater has got his/her "safe foods". Those are foods that you've made life-long commitments too. That's what you go for in restaurants (burgers, pasta, etc.) The list of your "safe foods" isn't really that long but you're pretty content with that. At least you've made the commitment to these foods, right?!

5 You Hear the Same Thing over and over

There's one line that EVERY picky eater is way too familiar with. If you haven't heard it already, it goes a little something like this.. 'Well, how do you know you don't like it if you've never tried it before?!" How many of you have heard this one before? You insist that you don't have to try it to know that you already are not a fan of it.

6 You Have to Force Yourself to Try Something

After your friends bug you enough about it, you finally agree to try ONE new thing. Of course, the whole time you're testing it out, you've got your friends staring at you, waiting for a reaction. However, sometimes these things DO work out and you find yourself adding something else to your list of acceptable foods. That doesn't stop you from telling your friends that that's the last thing you'll be 'trying' for them!

7 Your Foodie Friends "Hate" You

Everyone has that one 'foodie' friend. The one who's constantly trying out the newest ingredients and the newest restaurants. Well, it's safe to say that that foodie friend is not a big fan of going out to eat with you. However, I think the two of you can actually learn a lot from each other!

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many sure signs that you are definitely a picky eater. Don't worry, you are not alone! All you have to do is open your mind to trying new things. Are any of these signs true for you?

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