8 Tasty and Healthy Ways to Follow a Gluten-Free Diet ...


8 Tasty and Healthy Ways to Follow a Gluten-Free Diet ...
8 Tasty and Healthy Ways to Follow a Gluten-Free Diet ...

Some people follow certain dietary guides (or fads) that ask to cut out gluten, such as the Atkins diet, to lose carbohydrates and, in theory, weight. However, the most common reasons for being following a Gluten-free Diet if you have celiac disease. Celiac disease can be extremely difficult, especially for young children who will feel the real difficulty in not being able to join in activities that involves food. To elaborate, celiac disease is a genetic condition that disallows you to process gluten, a major constituent of wheat. Gluten products include: bread, pizza, cookies, spaghetti and hamburgers. As you can imagine, growing up or living in today’s society with celiac disease can be extremely inconvenient, as well as expensive. But nowadays, it is easier than ever to cut out gluten as a new way or necessity of living life. Just take a look at these 8 Tasty and Healthy Ways to Follow a Gluten-Free diet for an initial guide:

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Use Flour Substitutes

Instead of using flour made from wheat, there are plenty of alternatives that are suitable for a gluten-free diet. They may taste strange at first, but if you are diagnosed with celiac disease then this is an opportunity to introduce yourself to new and exciting foods. Your choice of flours range from: corn, rice, potato, tapioca or amaranth. Give them a go!


Find Gluten-free Companies

Search and buy from gluten-free food companies, such as Against the Grain, Ener-G Foods, Sweet Mamas. These companies provide only gluten-free products so whatever you buy, you know you’ll be safe. These companies offer freshly baked bakery goods, such as gluten-free cookies, scones and rolls. Against the Grain provides gluten-free frozen pizzas and Ener-G Foods supplies gluten-free sandwich bread. Brilliant!


Go to the Supermarket

Mainstream supermarkets have also been stocking up on gluten-free food. They also have policies of clearly labeling their gluten-free products for the benefit of their customers. Nowadays you can go into any supermarket, particularly health food sections, and find gluten-free pies, crackers, cereal bars and other traditional foods that contain gluten but are suitable for gluten-free diets!


Eat Simply

Don’t get too bogged down with substituting this ingredient for that ingredient. Remember that a lot of food naturally doesn’t contain the gluten protein in it, such as all vegetables (plain-canned), rice, meat, fruit, beans, eggs, plain nuts, seeds, soy, the list goes on! It’s easy, tasty and healthy to just research what food products naturally do not contain gluten, and find out what dietary supplements you need for essential vitamins you may miss out on.


Simply Request “no Gluten Please” at Restaurants

There are a number of gluten-free restaurants, similar to how there are vegetarian/vegan restaurants around that serve delicious food. If it’s inconvenient to find any, for example if you’re with a group of friends who eat gluten, simply ask the waiter for a selection of gluten-free food. Nowadays, restaurants will cater for their customers down to a tee.


Gluten-free Support Groups Advice

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with celiac disease, think of a gluten free diet as a new way to follow a healthy diet. Additionally, not only can you get help from professionals or like-minded people, you can share tasty home-made recipes with others in the same situation as yourself. It’ll let you realize you aren’t alone. A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body.


Buy a Gluten-free Cookbook

The best way to know you’re following a good, tasty and healthy gluten-free diet is if you’re cooking the food yourself! There are tons of cookbooks out there whose aim is to provide amazing, interesting and delicious gluten-free dishes.


Try Gluten-free International Food

It’s often difficult to find gluten-free food in your own country let alone another. However, there could be plenty of new foods that don’t contain gluten which you’ve never heard of, which can then be added to your gluten-free repertoire. If you need help, you can buy international gluten-free restaurant guides to give you a head start.

So there you go, there are plenty of tasty and healthy ways to follow a gluten-free diet. You can easily cook food that you want yourself, or go to specialized restaurants for a treat. ‘Gluten-free’ doesn’t need to be scary, and in many cases it could end up being healthier for you. Yes you’ll have to say goodbye to the standard unhealthier treats such as cookies and ice-cream cones, but many companies provide alternatives and you’ll be healthier without them. Treat food like numbers: there are a limitless amount of combinations you can make with it. Nothing should stop you from having a Tasty and Healthy Way to Follow a Gluten-free Diet. What are your favorite gluten-free recipes?

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