11 Tasty Mug Treats You Can Make in the Microwave ...


Mug treats are awesome. If you’ve never tried to make a quick snack or meal in a mug, get ready for a delightful surprise! You can easily create a simple breakfast, yummy snack or dessert that you won’t believe was made in a mug in the microwave. Mug treats are quick, easy and the ultimate lazy girl secret to making magically delicious treats in just a few steps. I know you’ve got a mug in the pantry just waiting to be filled up with some mouthwatering goodies - let’s get cooking!

1. Coffee Cup Quiche

Coffee Cup Quiche

Let’s start off this list of mug treats with breakfast. I can eat breakfast any time of the day and it always tastes amazing. Quiche, from what I’ve heard, can be a little tricky to make so when I saw that you can recreate the flaky and savory dish in just a few steps, I was sold.


1 egg

1 ½ tablespoons of milk


Black pepper

¼ piece of bread or bagel

2 teaspoons of cream cheese

½ slice of ham or prosciutto if you’re fancy

Freshly chopped thyme or green onions

Dijon Mustard


Mix the egg and milk together with a fork in your mug, add salt and pepper to taste. Next, tear up the bread or bagel into small, dime-size pieces with the cream cheese and stir it all in. Cut up your ham or prosciutto, mix and sprinkle thyme or onions on top. Microwave the mug on high for about a minute and 10 seconds and garnish with additional thyme or chives on top.

Source: stltoday.com

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