Tasty 😋 Party 🎉 Pinwheels Your Guests Will Enjoy 🤗 ...

Don't panic! Instead of waiting until the last minute to have something ready for guests these can be freshly made. You can make these the night before and be delicious!

You know the basics already... cream cheese, ranch dressing, and tortilla wraps.

What next? There is no wrong way! Sure, the video shows different approaches. However, you can use whatever tortilla wrap you want with whatever toppings you want!

The best about this recipe is that the hostess only has to make these the night before, wrap in aluminum foil tightly then take out the next day to cut in pieces and insert toothpicks. Voila!

You are feeding your guests and yourself real food with these. No empty calories.

Have a super party and don't forget to do pinwheels!

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