The Benefits 👍 of Bulletproof 👊 Coffee ☕️ ...

I have heard the buzz about "bulletproof coffee", but never took the time to research about it. After doing a little detective work, this is what I have found...

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Published on Mar 20, 2015

Benefits of bulletproof coffee:

1. Many People Drink Bulletproof Coffee for Breakfast to Hold Them over until the Next Snack or Meal

2. Reduces Cravings

3. No after Caffeine Crashs/caffeine Cravings/caffeine Headaches

4. Helps to Prevent Diabetes

5. Protects the Liver

6. Lowers Stroke Risk

7. Fights Depression

8. Helps to Lose Weight Quickly

9. Reduces Anxiety

10. Improves Mood,

My only fear would be artery-clogging, but nothing of the sort was mentioned. So, I might give it a chance. I love the weight loss aspect. How about you?

I give it a total A+


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