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The Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee ...

By Leiann

I have heard the buzz about "bulletproof coffee", but never took the time to research about it. After doing a little detective work, this is what I have found...

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Published on Mar 20, 2015

Benefits of bulletproof coffee:

1 Many People Drink Bulletproof Coffee for Breakfast to Hold Them over until the Next Snack or Meal

2 Reduces Cravings

3 No after Caffeine Crashs/caffeine Cravings/caffeine Headaches

4 Helps to Prevent Diabetes

5 Protects the Liver

6 Lowers Stroke Risk

7 Fights Depression

8 Helps to Lose Weight Quickly

9 Reduces Anxiety

10 Improves Mood,

My only fear would be artery-clogging, but nothing of the sort was mentioned. So, I might give it a chance. I love the weight loss aspect. How about you?

I give it a total A+


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