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The Best Healthy Foods to Buy at the Dollar Store ...

By Leiann

Don't think you can afford to eat healthy? Yes you can! Watch this!

The dollar store has tons of healthy finds! With a little creativity and research, you can do it!

1 Oats

Place in your crock pot overnight or nuke in the morning for a nutritious breakfast.

2 Nuts

A healthy snack instead of all those potato chips. Just don't gorge on them as kind-of high in calories.


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3 Gallons of Water

She gave me a eureka moment. Instead of grabbing a regular bottle of water out of the fridge constantly, simply carry the gallon (with a handle) everywhere! I like it! (The simplest things amaze me... LOL)

4 Tea

Whether herbal, black or green, I am sure you know how healthy tea is, whether hot or iced.

5 Rice

Brown or white, bulk up recipes such as soups, stews and Chinese dishes.

6 Pumpkin Puree

Super for smoothies! Not just meant for pumpkin pies anymore!

7 Spices and Seasonings

Flavor everything up inexpensively. You can do so much more than just salt and pepper.

8 Popcorn Kernels

I disagree on this one. I think bagged already popped popcorn is just as good. Just don't get the heavily buttered! You know that!

9 Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

Have you been balancing out your dinner with a portion of fruits and a portion of vegetables?

10 Coconut Oil Spray

Once only affordable by the wealthy, dollar stores now carry coconut oil spray! Spray your skillets, Pyrex, pans, and crock pot for a non-stick, yum and healthy taste.

Still not sold? Look up the above ingredients on for recipes!

I hope you have found this video to be helpful. Happy shopping and happy meals to you!

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