The Christmas Treat You Are According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


The Christmas Treat You Are According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
The Christmas Treat You Are According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

Along with the gifts and the family time, Christmas means one other special thing, and that is all of the delicious treats that you get to enjoy without guilt at this time of the year! With so many different delicacies to choose from, you need some way to figure out what you are going to go for first. What better what than to put your faith in the stars!? Here is the Christmas treat you are according to your zodiac sign.

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, You are a candy cane. Everyone loves you, and you are simple and hardworking, and always produce great results!



dessert, buttercream, cupcake, icing, baking, You have the interesting combination of having an eccentric nature and wanting to be original in everything that you do, so why not display this perfectly in the form of a delicious eggnog cupcake!?



meat, beef, food, dish, steak, Beautiful, simple, classic, crowd pleaser. These are all things that can describe a Gemini, and they also happen to be things that can perfectly describe a chocolate yule log!



jewellery, hair accessory, You are big and bold and unapologetic with your personality, and you pack just as much punch as a classic piece of gingerbread!



chocolate, dessert, chocolate cake, sweetness, chocolate brownie, You don’t like too much fuss in any area of your life, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t like to enjoy some of the finer things. What is simpler than a chocolate cookie? It’s simple but it’s still a favourite!

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dessert, chocolate, chocolate cake, buttercream, food, You have the kind of personality that people either love or they hate. You have your fans and you have your enemies, very much like a traditional Christmas fruitcake!



cookies and crackers, icing, royal icing, cookie, baking, For you, it’s all about putting the razzle-dazzle into life in a visual sense. You always want to look your best above everything else. Very much like a beautifully decorated sugar cookie!



whipped cream, torte, buttercream, baking, cream cheese, The sort of treat that embodies you perfectly is something that is classically homely but also has a refreshing, unexpected twist. Something like peppermint brownies is the way to go!



dessert, food, frozen dessert, panna cotta, plate, There isn’t a person in the entire world who doesn’t love you, so your matched treat needs to be something just as universally popular. It has to be frosted red velvet cake!



fudge, confectionery, caramel, food, Your personality is deep, rich and irresistible to those who are around you, very much like a batch of fresh fudge that never seems to last for long!



chocolate, cup, cup, hot chocolate, tableware, You the perfect combination of sweet and spicy, you are super lovable, but you definitely have an edge, much like Mexican hot chocolate!



cookies and crackers, cookie, biscuit, food, snack, Your personality is way too zingy and lively to be twinned with something rich and over chocolaty, that’s why the perfect treat for a Pisces is a deliciously fruity cranberry orange cookie!

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