The 21 Healthiest Types of Food to Eat before Bed ...

You don't want to chow down on the wrong thing right before bed, because it could cause an upset stomach or nightmares. Of course, if your tummy is rumbling, you shouldn't starve yourself. You just need to know what foods are the healthiest for you to eat that late at night. The next time you're in the mood for a midnight snack, try one of these:

1. Cherries

2. Warm Milk

3. Jasmine Rice

4. Fortified Cereal

5. Bananas

6. Turkey

7. Sweet Potatoes

8. Ginger Tea

9. Ham and Cheese Roll

10. Walnuts

11. Spiced Popcorn

12. Whole Grain Toast and Almond Butter

13. Smoothie

14. Cup of Soup

15. Avocado

16. Yogurt

17. Honey

18. Passionfruit

19. Cherry Juice

20. String Cheese

21. Baby Carrots

Now you have plenty of options for eating healthy right before bed! What's your favorite snack to eat right before you drift off to sleep?