The Holiday Cocktail Your Zodiac Sign Loves Best ...


The Holiday Cocktail Your Zodiac Sign Loves Best ...
The Holiday Cocktail Your Zodiac Sign Loves Best ...

If you like to enjoy Christmas the way that I like to enjoy Christmas, then it’s safe to say that a few different beverages pass through your lips over the course of the festive period! Hey, if you can’t drink to celebrate the biggest day of the year, then when can you drink!? Did you know, though, that we might be predestined to enjoy some drinks more than others simply because of when we were born? Here is the holiday cocktail your zodiac sign loves best.

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tableware, christmas decoration, stemware, centrepiece, wine glass, Mistletoe Martini

You are naturally flirty, so mistletoe is your favourite Christmas accessory! And you never know, the more mistletoe martinis you get down you, the more kisses you will probably end up winning at a party!



drink, eggnog, dairy product, Brandy Alexander

You like all of the classic flavours of Christmas like nutmeg, so a traditional drink like a delicious Brandy Alexander is a perfect choice!



drink, cocktail, cranberry, non alcoholic beverage, punch, Cranberry Margarita

You are very much concerned with the way that you look, and you always want to look your best, and there’s nothing like a tasty cranberry margarita to add to a pretty aesthetic!



drink, cocktail, champagne stemware, classic cocktail, still life photography, For Goodness Sake

It might have a strange name, but when you research this cocktail you will see that is matches your personality perfectly, it’s got ginger notes that are just as warm-hearted as you are!



drink, irish cream, Winters Truce

This one packs a punch just like you do! It has fiery ginger and smooth Echinacea tea extracts to create a really cool, unexpected flavour.



drink, liqueur, alcoholic beverage, distilled beverage, wine, Let It Sloe

You are super on trend, just like gin has been for the past few years! Sloe gin-based cocktails also have that sweet edge, just like you!



dessert, frozen dessert, food, whipped cream, cream, White Christmas Mojito

Is there a tipple that makes people more jolly than rum? I don’t think so, so that means this special mojito is just like you because you make everyone as happy as can be!



flowerpot, christmas decoration, floristry, tree, plant, Apple Pie Moonshine

You are no-nonsense in all areas of your life, and that includes your drinking! You want something that is going to get the job done but still has a touch of festive flair, so apple pie moonshine is the way to go!



drink, champagne stemware, stemware, cocktail, wine glass, Sugared Cranberry Mimosa

Mimosas are the embodiment of the brunch culture, and you love nothing more than brunch with your besties! Add that cranberry flavour for a festive touch.



drink, cocktail, non alcoholic beverage, juice, mai tai, Scotch Spice

You like to exercise self-control in your life, so a drink that requires just a short measure like this boost of seasonal flavour is perfect.


For Capricorn, the perfect holiday cocktail is Scotch Spice. This festive non-alcoholic beverage is a great way to show off your self-control. A short measure of this seasonal drink is enough to provide a delicious boost of flavor. It's the perfect drink for Capricorns who want to indulge without overindulging. The recipe for Scotch Spice can be found on It's made with orange and lemon juice, ginger ale, and a hint of nutmeg, and it's sure to make your holiday season even more special.



drink, latte, coffee, eggnog, cappuccino, Absinthe Eggnog

You are a wild child! So what does a wild child have at Christmas? It has to be the two ends of spectrum smashed together in the form of an absinthe eggnog!



drink, negroni, non alcoholic beverage, bay breeze, cocktail, Spiced Americano

You have been relying on coffee for your lifeblood for years, so this festively spiced coffee-based cocktail is really the only option for your this Christmas!

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