The Hottest Fall Food Trends for 2015 ...


Just like fashion, food trends come and go. You’ve witnessed it with the rise in popularity of kale or the raw food trend that is still taking the world by storm. If you’re a foodie or you just like to eat (that’s me), following the latest food trends is fun and gives you the chance to try new things whenever the mood strikes. The year 2015 isn’t over yet, but we’ve already seen some fabulous food trends that prove the rest of the year is going to be just as delicious.

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Eating Local Harvest Veggies is Trending Big Time

Eating Local Harvest Veggies is Trending Big Time It’s the time of year when zucchini, tomatoes, acorn squash and lettuce is hitting the farmers’ markets. Turns out it’s super trendy to buy and eat local, making fall the perfect time to give it a try. Check out the local farmers in your area that sell their freshly harvested produce. You’ll be trendy and you’ll get to eat delicious food at the same time.


Eating Insects is about to Be Huge

Eating Insects is about to Be Huge You wouldn’t ever eat a bug, would you? Not so fast! It turns out that research is proving what an optimal source of protein that some insects happen to be. They’re making their way into energy bars and other food products all over the place and they’re about to hit store shelves this fall. If you don’t want to eat them without knowing, start reading labels!


Pudding Restaurants Are Going to Explode

Pudding Restaurants Are Going to Explode I haven’t seen any pudding restaurants where I live, but experts say they are on the close horizon. Much like cupcake restaurants or places devoted only to frozen yogurt, chefs and foodies are banking on the fact that people love pudding and want more choices than the boxed kind at the grocery store. Is there a pudding restaurant where you live?


Vegetable Cuisine is Popular All over the World

Vegetable Cuisine is Popular All over the World Even if you aren’t a vegetarian, you can still enjoy eating veggie-based meals. Instead of the bitter and boring dishes you might be used to, chefs are creating vegetable dishes with mega flavor and tons of appetizing texture. You can find these meals at all sorts of restaurants and you can also experiment with making them at home. You won’t even miss the meat! And with all the fall veggies you have access to, there are loads of choices.


Mexican Food is Getting Its 15 Minutes of Fame

Mexican Food is Getting Its 15 Minutes of Fame I’ve always been a huge fan of Mexican food. In fact, it’s my absolute favorite! Turns out its humble ingredients and cooking techniques are getting their chance to shine. Chefs are enhancing the cuisine with prime corn, beans, avocados and meats that give you the opportunity to eat some of the best food ever this fall and into the next year.


Look for New and Exciting Hot Sauces

Look for New and Exciting Hot Sauces Sriracha has been used in a huge number of things in the last couple of years. Now chefs and food experts are hard at work creating new spicy condiments that you can enjoy. Fall is the perfect time to spice things up in the kitchen, just when you need to take the edge off the chill in the air. Look for habanero, jalapeno or ghost pepper honey, suggest the experts at Take Apart, a foodie website.


Cannabis Cuisine is the Wave of the Future

Cannabis Cuisine is the Wave of the Future With many states following Colorado’s lead and legalizing marijuana, people are starting to experiment with using it in food. These aren’t the pot brownies you tried in college. You might start seeing simple syrups, dessert bars and cannabis coffee in the very near future. Would you try it?

Which of these trends have you seen where you live? Which are you hoping make their way to you this fall?

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Pudding restaurants?? I think that's a horrible idea, but who knows!! For me, the work "pudding" is one of those gross words! Yuck!!

I think I will pass on the bug one


I am excited for the veggie one. Also a new line of "fast food" salad restaurants are in store for the new year!

Very excited for number 7

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