Check out the Special Valentine's Menu at Starbucks ...


Starbucks are celebrating Valentine's Day in style with a choice of scrumptious chocolate based drinks and a range of sweet products. Get your fix of joe and love at the same time.

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The Love Bean Frappuccino

The Love Bean Frappuccino This has "raspberry pumps topped with raspberry-infused whipped cream and chocolate curls."


The Java Berry Frappuccino

The Java Berry Frappuccino This is "topped with raspberry infused whipped cream."


The Valentine Frappuccino

The Valentine Frappuccino This has raspberry pumps, vanilla bean, and blackberry. Of course, it's topped with whipped cream.

Which one of these drinks would you love to try?

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No it doesn't exist. I'm at Starbucks every single day and of course just had to ask

Does the "secret menu" really exist?

Ive never had sturbucks before is it healthy

Agreed with #kelseeand #alli I mostly go starbucks all the time I never seen such menus like these totaly unreal n for this season it's very cold I rather have hot chocolate brews and mocas with whipped cream umm..

If so tell me were I coukd get it please

#1 looks tasty! =) I would love to actually try it, lol

Why they have to keep it secret though I dont get is it supose to b part of there bisuness

I'd like to try all three! They all look delicious and so girly! Lol I bet they don't do them in Canada though....

I don't do star bucks rip off merchants. They won't pay their corporate tax in the uk , abominable!

You order a base drink and add in special syrups and flavor to order the "secret" items

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