There's Something Fishy Going on ... It's National Bouillabaisse Day ...


Yep! December 14th is National Bouillabaisse Day!
Unless you’re French or a foodie, you are probably wondering what on earth is Bouillabaisse? Roughly pronounced bwee- a- baize, it is a delicious fish stew that originated in Marseille, an ancient port in the south of France.

But it’s so much more than a fish stew. It is practically an institution. In a country where food is a pride and passion, there is much argument and debate about how to make the perfect bouillabaisse and people will either guard their recipe as closely as Coca Cola guard theirs, or they shout it out, wanting the world to know theirs is THE best.

But make no (fish) bones about it. Creating a bouillabaisse is no quick and task, so it really is best to celebrate National Bouillabaisse by eating it at a French restaurant where some lucky chef has done all the hard work for you.

If, however, you are up for the challenge, Julia Child in person – well on video anyway – will take you through it, in glorious black and white:

Of course, you can always look up a color video but Julia is such fun!

And if you can’t face bouillabaisse – whip up a cup of French onion soup instead.

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It's not pronounced like that ! "Boo yah bess"

Thanks. I love Julia Child's

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