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These Food Trends Will Be Big in 2016 ...

By Eliza

Much like fashion, the world of food sees trends as certain ingredients become popular or cooking methods are discovered. I know you’ll be watching out for what you should be wearing in 2016, but you’ve got to join me in making sure you get in on the latest food trends too. Some are absolutely genius and some will make you scratch your head. Either way, here’s what to expect in the world of food during this year.

1 Vintage Recipes Are Back in a Big Way

Think Jello salads, casseroles, and pretty much anything your parents grew up eating. Some of these delectable treats go as far back as the 1950s. You might look at them with scorn these days, but the truth is that these recipes are totally coming back. Many of them are lightened up so they are healthier and others are revamped so they look more modern and appetizing. Give them a try and I think you’ll love what bygone eras used to serve for dinner.

2 Home Brewing is Something You’ve Got to Try

Craft beers are blowing up and you can probably tell just by the number of breweries that are popping up all over the place. Turns out that making your own beer isn’t really all that hard and you don’t need a ton of space to do it. You can brew beer at home and lots of people are doing just that. Jump on the bandwagon and you might just find your next favorite brew.



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3 Savory French Toast is Coming Your Way

Up until now you’ve probably only had the sweet version of French toast. That is, covered in syrup and powdered sugar. Chefs are trying out savory versions that make use of the basic technique, but add things like salt or Parmesan cheese to give the toast a savory flavor that is really good. Once you’ve tried it in restaurants, you’re probably going to be inclined to make it at home too.

4 Home Brewed Coffee is Affordable and Delicious

Sorry, Starbucks, but there’s a new kid in town. Many companies are selling systems that allow you to brew all the fancy drinks in coffee shops at home for a fraction of the cost. No more traipsing to the corner for your morning latte. Just make it yourself right at home and enjoy that much more time in your pajamas before you have to start the day. Not to mention the five dollar bill you would have forked over for it.

5 Veggies Are Replacing Carbs in All Kinds of Recipes

You’ve probably seen a little bit of this before 2016 started, but it’s gaining speed and is getting way popular. No doubt you’ve seen carrot or zucchini noodles to replace traditional pasta. In 2016, you’re going to see cauliflower to replace bread in grilled sandwiches or to stand in the place of pizza crust. This saves calories and mixes up the flavor of your favorite foods. I highly recommend trying it!

6 Turn Your Kitchen into a No Waste Cooking Zone

Forget tossing food scraps because no waste kitchens are making themselves known in 2016. What this means is that chefs are creating fancy and delicious new ways to use leftovers. That might be carrot greens, bits and pieces of herbs and anything else that traditionally gets thrown away. Are you going to try it in your kitchen?

7 Crazy Condiments Are Here to Stay

Sriracha has had its big moment and now other crazy condiments are close behind. Chances are that in 2016 you’ll see a surge of harissa, gochujang and black bean sauce used in all sorts of innovative new ways. You’ll love what they do to your taste buds!

Which of these trends are you most excited about?

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